After I had my second child, Heather disappeared,

I became Mummy 24/7 and I felt trapped!


In March 2018 I had my second child, and that is when I started to feel lost, trapped and like I had totally lost my purpose in life.


I didn't want to be Mummy 24/7 I had more to give to the world, I had ambition and drive all bubbling away inside of me and I just did not know HOW I was going to get myself out of this funk!


I had been with my network marketing company since January 2013, and it had enabled me to achieve some MASSIVE goals. Including retiring from the rat race at the age of 30, being my own boss, earning a good income working flexible hours AND being a full time Mummy.


Looking back, I have never been that maternal. I knew I always wanted children and had this vision of what I would be like as a Mum.

"Fully present with my children, hanging onto their every word and literally spending every waking moment with them" 


I do wish I could be "That Mum" but it's just not me, and that is ok.


I have too much to give, too many Mums to help, and I desperately needed to be "More Than Just Mum®"


So that was back in 2018... and it took me a further 2 years to reach out for help.


I thought I would look like a failure, I thought I would be told to "crack on" and "stop having a pity party", read another book or to "snap out of it". So I continued to plod on in silence. My network marketing business continued to grow and I qualified for Leadership Incentives, and 3 holidays too.


So on the outside I looked like the successful business woman I portrayed to the outside world, yet on the inside I was SCREAMING FOR HELP!


July 2020 came.


We had just moved home, and I was making new connections online, and starting to build up my network again. I had taken some time out to settle into our new home, and I was ready to crack on again.


It was through online networking that I found an amazing lady, who became my first coach, and has since helped me to totally change my life!


That was September 2020.


I set up as a Coach in my own right, invested in some coaching, studied the Law of Attraction, and started to help Mums who were just like me!


I was scared and nervous but also SO excited and I knew I had found my calling.


The reason I was put on this earth, and to have experienced the journey I have, was so that I can help other Mums, to show them that:-


- they CAN achieve their goals,

- they CAN build a business around their children, 

- they can work part time AND be THEMSELVES

- they CAN build their self belief and confidence back up

- they can be "More Than Just Mum®"


If any of this has resonated with you I would love to chat more about how we can work together.


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Love Heather xxxx

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