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Heather was recommended to me, a friend saw I was struggling and told me that she had found someone who she thought could really help me. I divorced 18 months ago and have been drifting since then - either being full time mum to 2 and not having a second to myself or being alone. The longer this went on for the longer I just fell into a slump and had to use every ounce of my energy just getting through each day. My work was suffering, I would spend days in bed because I couldn’t face the day, I wasn’t present in my own life.

After the first session with Heather I was ready to change my way of thinking. Break things down into manageable chunks, give myself some achievable goals each day, see the positives in my life, slow my spiralling mind down and find some pleasure in the day to day 

My family have seen the change, my children notice something is different, my employers have seen that I’ve got my mojo back.

I have good days and bad days still, I’m human after all but I can cope. If I do drift Heather is on hand for me to nudge me back in the right direction with one or two easy tweaks to my mindset. 

Counselling has helped me pack away what has come before and now heather is helping me to decide how to shape my future. How exciting is that?





I am half way through my 1:1 programme with Heather and wow, what a difference it has made in my life. I’ve had a lot to overcome in my life and in the past focussed on looking back to try to fix it rather than forwards. Safe to say it never worked. Now Heather is not my councillor or therapist but she understands the challenges I have faced and is helping me to work on me, my business and my life with the future in mind and not the past. I do not feel that she has copied and pasted things to me that she has said to others and I feel like a human being and an individual who matters. 

At first when it came to coaching I didn’t think I could afford it but I made it happen because I knew I needed to. I am very different in my mindset now and very excited for the future and finally sticking two fingers up at the past and closing the chapter forever. Will it still be there? Of course it will sometimes but I am now equipped with tools of how to look ahead and not backwards.

In the 3 weeks (4 tomorrow) with Heathers guidance I have grown both sides of my business and seen new clients join me, just by making one small change! 

I am hoping not to have to close the door on working with Heather at the end of the programme as for once I feel I can put myself first and someone is helping me to do that! Oh and I’ve said no to people this week... I never say no!!! 

Anyway enough of the babbling...

If you are thinking about it - do it!
If you don’t think you can afford it - do it!
If you don’t think you have the motivation - do it!
If you don’t realise you need this - do it!

Thank you Heather for truly changing my life! 

Here ends my 10 seconds of courage 😉






You know that friend that you go to when you are struggling with life’s challenges, the one that you feel so comfortable with that there isn’t a thing you wouldn’t share with them, the one that gives you that look of ‘it’s ok, I’ve got you’ giving you the space to be heard but also knowing what to say and when to say it … that friend is Heather.

I had a call this morning with Heather and it was like we had known each other for a lifetime and yet it was the first time we had ever spoken face to face, I had many questions and she answered them all clearly and honestly providing me with the knowledge to go forward and put into practice to build my business.  The challenges that I currently face and may well do further down the line are ones that she understands and has navigated herself enabling her to speak from experience and confidence.

Heather shows up as herself, 100% authentically making it extremely easy for you to do the same.  This is a skill, because when you put aside the worries of judgement and self-criticism you are more able to do the work required to move you from where you are now to where you desire to be.

If your still unsure about working with her I would highly recommend jumping on a quick call with her, allowing you both to see if you’re a fit for each other… what do you have to lose? 






I crossed paths with Heather when she was running a Dreams to Goals workshop as a guest speaker in a vision board group I am a member of. I had dreams I wanted to achieve in life but had never actually taken the time to write them down and make them achievable goals, the workshop really helped me start that journey. 

Following on from that workshop I decided to take action and booked in for four weekly sessions, to help me try and work out what I wanted from my life, as I was feeling lost, but not quite so much now! 

I still have plenty of work to do, but with a follow up almost 3 months later (or a kick up the bottom 🤣) I'm navigating my way through what I want in life! 

I also wanted to add that despite not being a Mum, well I am a dog mum 🤣, I can totally relate to Heather and her coaching. We are all more than the 'just' label we give ourselves. Sometimes we need some encouragement, support and someone to be accountable to.