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Group Coaching Academy

Doors Are Now Closed

Thank you so much for coming to have a look at my 6-week Group Coaching Programme.

The doors are now closed but you can get your name on the waitlist for the next intake

What Will We Cover?

During the 6 Week Programme we will go into more depth and learn more about...

  • The Law Of Attraction

    How you can use this everyday...

  • Identifying Your Blocks

    What is it that is holding you back? Keeping you stuck?

  • Reprogramming Your Mindset

    We will take a deeper look into the words you are using without even knowing and the phrases you tell yourself over and over that are doing you no favours!

  • Simple Tools to Help You

    Sometimes is the simplest things we NEED to do but don't, that help us make serious changes!

  • Goal Setting 

    The What, Why and How!

  • Goal Getting & Keeping Focussed

    We will learn more about HOW to ACHIEVE those Goals and celebrate EVERY week!

Why Have I Created This Group Coaching Programme?

I hear so often, that you want to work with me...


But 1:1s are just not an option for you right now.


So what I have created is my Group Coaching Academy


So, if you enjoy being part of a group of women who support each other and cheerlead each other on, then you are going to absolutely love this!


I wanted to create something that was absolutely jam packed with value, but that was affordable too! And I want to help more Women and Mums than I can working 1:1, to get out of the funk or that hole they are stuck in and start to make positive changes to their lives without having to invest thousands of pounds.


And this is EXACTLY what this group programme enables me to do


It allows me to help more women, just like YOU, to:-


✨Build Confidence

✨Set Goals

✨Find Themselves





So If You Are Feeling:-


💖 Lost

💖 Fed up!

💖 Guilty

💖 Like you have no work/life balance

💖 Low in confidence

💖 Stuck in a "black hole"

💖 Like a let down or a failure

💖 Desperate for the life you dream about but no idea how to get it

💖 Like you're not good enough

💖 Like a crap Mummy, Wife or Friend

💖 Stressed out and overwhelmed

💖 Sick and tired of being sick and tired!




BUT... You are...



💖 READY to move forward

💖 READY to make changes

💖 READY to stop blaming the past and take responsibility for your future?

💖 READY to say YES

💖 READY to set some GOALS

💖 READY to start implementing some simple tools that could change your life

💖 READY to accept some coaching, training and guidance

💖 READY to be part of something AMAZING



Then THIS is the perfect programme for you!

Here's a little bit about me and my journey

It wasn’t that long ago that I was feeling stuck in a funk, trapped, lost, fed up of getting nowhere, and not achieving my full potential! I knew what I needed to do but I just couldn't bring myself to do it...


I was stressed, I had no purpose other than to be Mummy, my identity had totally disappeared, and it got to the point where I couldn’t be bothered to get dressed and felt guilty having a shower! It got to the point where I wanted to throw myself down the stairs, so I could go to hospital for a few days rest!



Looking back I now know it's because I had no goals, and no direction because I just didn’t know what I wanted from life


I knew I wanted things to change but I just didn’t know how.

I knew I needed to ask for help but I was scared that I would be seen as a failure if I admitted I was struggling.


You see, I had a thriving business and from the outside my life looked pretty perfect, but inside I was screaming for help, desperate for someone to tell me I wasn’t alone, and guide me through my next steps.


It took me over 2 years to ask for help!


I asked someone I didn’t know, that I met through Networking on Facebook. I decided to ask a Business Coach, I didn’t really know her, but I resonated with her story, her lives and I had a good feeling.


I didn’t know how I was going to sort the investment of £1000 (we had just moved into our new home and I could have found loads of excuses why I couldn't invest) but, I just knew if I wanted things to change I needed to invest in myself.


So I found a way... Because when you want something badly enough... that's what you do!


Honestly - it was the best investment I ever made! And I will never be without a coach now!


Investing in YOUrself is something most Mums think is selfish, but if YOU are not right, then you cannot function at your best. 


YOU are the most important person in your life - not your children and not your partner, husband or wife!


"You are not putting yourself first,

You are putting yourself on the same level you put everyone else"


Without me making that decision I wouldn't be here now - coaching, guiding and helping YOU on your journey.


If I had let my fear take a hold, and listened to my negative voices (you know the ones - "what if it doesn't work?") I would not have been able to reach out to over 2000+ women in the last 7 months!


So my advice...

"Take 10 seconds of courage"

And just do it! 


You want me to spend money on myself?



Making that investment in YOU can be tough!



Especially if it is the first time.


Let me take you back to August 2020...


I was desperate to get out of the hole I had felt trapped in since March 2018, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, not being able to move forward and just feeling stuck in this vicious cycle!


 I knew something needed to change - and deep down I knew that was ME and my MINDSET! I guess that was the first step - admitting that to myself!


As well as the bullshit story I was telling myself over and over again, that the dream life I so often fantasised about didn't happen to people like me!


I had the opportunity AND I had the time


What I didn't have was... the motivation to motivate myself, to get off my backside and go do the work!




I knew I was thinking negatively, I knew I needed to change and I knew I needed some help!


I found that help and invested in a Coach.


Yes it was scary...




And by implementing what I was taught my life has changed beyond recognition!


People have noticed, through my energy, my lives on social media and my whole posture.



Find a plan that’s right for you.

I offer 3 types of payment plan...

Pay In Full


2 Part Payments


3 Part Payments


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

When are the sessions?

What if I am unable to make the session one week?

Will I get a workbook?

Will I be able to contact you if I need extra help?

Do you do payment plans?

Will there be work to do in-between sessions?

What are the benefits of Group Coaching Sessions?

What results will I get?

Working 1:1 With Heather

Through her Signature Programme and other Packages



8-week Signature 1:1 Programme


I first met Heather after a friend sent me a link to her group page. I was a little apprehensive about joining any groups as it’s one thing knowing things need to change yourself but another talking to others about it! But I requested to join anyway. I sat quietly on the page watching Heathers lives before signing up to her challenge in the New Year. The challenge put a fire in my belly and not only did I know I had the tools to change I also knew I needed to have Heathers guidance in my life. 

Once again I allowed anxiety to take over and stopped myself from reaching out to her and taking that step. I didn’t think she could help as I felt it was me being stupid and nobody could teach stupid! But Heather then launched her then 6 week programme and I’d mentioned that I was interested. Before I knew it we had a discovery call booked in. I almost cancelled the call multiple times as I didn’t know how on Earth I’d be able to afford it and I was becoming anxious. 

The time came and I was faced with Heather on screen. That was it then just us two able to talk openly and honestly about what I needed and why I wanted to do the programme. I really connected with Heather it was like I’d known her forever it was just so easy to talk to her. Once the call had finished I walked out of the room and cried because I knew I HAD to do this but how? I took 10 seconds of courage and made it happen. It wasn’t easy, especially with a lower income due to covid but it was the best decision I made! 

Once I’d signed up I felt so many emotions that I felt overwhelmed! I watched more of her lives and prepared myself for working with Heather! One thing about me is once committed I work hard to do what is asked of me! 

When I started working with Heather I was in a bad place. I’ve experienced many things in my life that have held me back. Nothing worked to help, counselling just meant dragging over the past and making things worse. I HAD to get through this I’m a Mummy now and I was fed up of everything from my past holding me back. 

Having weekly sessions with Heather has been amazing! The best decision I’ve ever made! On the first week we set affirmations and those were so difficult for me to say, yet now I say them daily and believe in them! Being able to check in weekly with Heather has kept me on course, mindset is based around habit, it’s so easy to fall back into old habits when there’s nobody to be accountable to, nobody to cheer you on and kick you up the backside when you need it! 6 minutes a day is the target I gave myself as a minimum to focus on the work I’ve done with Heather, I very often did more than that because I found myself engaging and losing myself but in a great way, 6 minutes a day is nothing but it’s all you need to make changes in your daily habits and mindset. The transformation is amazing. I have a professional in my life connected with the reasons I have been like I have and even on photos it has been commented that I am a completely different person now that when I started 8 weeks ago. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and I was very aware of that going into this. Some parts of the programme have been hard but in a different more challenging way. It’s more about facing up to these habits I’ve formed that have created an unhealthy mindset and a person I don’t want to be! 

Anyone considering working with Heather then do it. She has changed my life in more ways than I can even begin to explain and I will forever be in your debt. What Heather provides is priceless!



8-week Signature 1:1 Programme


Heather was recommended to me, a friend saw I was struggling and told me that she had found someone who she thought could really help me. I divorced 18 months ago and have been drifting since then - either being full time mum to 2 and not having a second to myself or being alone. The longer this went on for the longer I just fell into a slump and had to use every ounce of my energy just getting through each day. My work was suffering, I would spend days in bed because I couldn’t face the day, I wasn’t present in my own life.


After the first session with Heather I was ready to change my way of thinking. Break things down into manageable chunks, give myself some achievable goals each day, see the positives in my life, slow my spiralling mind down and find some pleasure in the day to day.


My family have seen the change, my children notice something is different, my employers have seen that I’ve got my mojo back.


I have good days and bad days still, I’m human after all but I can cope. If I do drift Heather is on hand for me to nudge me back in the right direction with one or two easy tweaks to my mindset. 


Counselling has helped me pack away what has come before and now heather is helping me to decide how to shape my future. How exciting is that?



8-week Signature 1:1 Programme


I have worked with Heather since December last year, first whilst taking part in her dreams to goals workshop and then in January for her free check in challenge and it was after this challenge that I knew I wanted to work with Heather more.


I just love the vibe that Heather has, she's not afraid to share her story (have you heard about the stairs?) to let you know that you are not alone in wanting to be #MoreThanJustMum™️


I signed up to work with Heather on her 1:1 Signature 8-week programme and every week I felt excited about our sessions


Although I see myself as quite a happy, positive person, I didn't realise that there were a few little things holding me back from really being myself, we worked a lot on mindset and what things hold me back and its fair to say that now I realise these things, that things have improved so much in my life :)

We then got to work on my goals, with a focus on me wanting to improve my health through losing weight and improving my fitness and I have absolutely smashed my fitness goals in the first month and I'm so excited for the future!


With Heather's help I set a couple more goals and I'm on track to smash those goals too.


Heather is more than a coach, she's a friendly ear when you need it, there was one particular day when I was going to cancel a session and I'm so glad I didn't, I felt 100 times better for speaking to Heather and getting some things off my chest.


I'm so glad Heather is bringing back her #CheckInChallenge as I miss our weekly sessions and I know that there will be so much value in the challenge and I'll come away from it having learnt some more about myself.


Thank you Heather, I am a completely different person now to the one I was just 8 weeks ago and I'm excited for my future.



Dreams to Goals Workshop & 6-week 1:1 Programme


I have just finished a 6 week 121 with Heather, she asked what areas of my life I needed help with, a big one for me was time management and staying focused on one thing. I have looked forward to our calls each week, we have talked through lots of blocks I put in the way and ways to get over them. I have definitely come out of the other side a different person. I am much better at staying focused thanks to some exercises I’ve been given. I have clear goal and plans set to reach them. I am so glad I found Heather and will definitely be back for more in the future x



Dreams to Goals Workshop & Goals & Accountability Package


I came across Heather in a networking group and immediately joined her dreams to goals workshop. I had an idea of what I wanted but I was so lost in how I was going to achieve them. It became clear quite quickly that Heather and her amazing way of developing goals that you actually want was what I was missing! I signed up to her Goals and Accountability package which gave me 1-2-1 time with Heather to develop achievable goals for ME on a personal level because Heather took the time to listen to me and my personal life everything fell into place. Even small goals that I knew in the back of my mind were made so clear and achievable and it’s honesty the first time in a long time I’ve stuck with something and achieved my goals!
Thank you Heather it’s funny how a few weeks can completely change your life 💕



Dreams to Goals Workshop & 6-week 1:1 Programme


I came across Heather from my Region Body Shop Group and shortly after, I signed onto her Dreams to Goals Workshop. I had gotten myself into a mindset funk and felt like I was unproductive and wasn’t achieving much. 
Her workshop helped me see how important it is to set goals, big and small and how to achieve them in simple step by steps. I loved it so much I signed up for her 6 week 1-1. She’s flipped my mindset up, I’ve become more driven and motivated and I’m beginning to have a better work-life balance too. Thank you Heather! 100% recommend ❤️



Dreams to Goals Workshop & 1:1


I did Heathers dreams to goals workshop a few months ago and was so inspired by her that I needed a 1-2-1. She was amazing from start to finish. I was a little nervous as I had never had a 1-2-1 with anyone before, but straight away we were at ease and laughing with each other.
My focus was to try and get myself setting goals that were achievable, mainly so that I can earn what I need to succeed. This is my 4th business venture, so I need this one to work!
Anyway, I digress.
We sat together and chatted about what I wanted to get from my business and how I was going to get there. I had already made my vision board off the back of her dreams to goals workshop and I mostly felt that it was a distant dream. 
She told me to make a smaller vision board, and I went and wrote on it each income goal I wanted to hit for the next 12 months.
Less than a week in and BANG! I am £9 off my first income goal! What the hell is this sorcery she is teaching??
I should have booked in sooner; I am blown away.
Book with Heather. You will not regret it!

Discovery Call Testimonials





Oh my goodness I don’t think I have ever had so many lightbulb moments in half hour! 💡  I have just had a half hour, 1 to 1 discovery, coaching call with Heather.
She has a way of immediately putting you at your ease and asking questions that will bring out any work worries and doubts. She then comes up with the most amazing ideas and helps you plan how you can move your business forward, with steps that aren’t going to overwhelm.💖
I had been on her Dreams to Goals workshop, so I knew she was good, but this call far surpassed what I expected. 🙂
She is so positive, and encouraging, while keeping it fun and engaging. It felt like a fun natter with a friend, which had me coming away with so many ideas to put into action.💡
Can’t recommend highly enough. Looking forward to booking on another one!💖💖💖




Wow what can I say.... Heather was expecting to have a discovery call with me, what she wasn't expecting was a blubbering mess on the zoom call. Literally half hour before our call I'd had some devastating news... I wanted to cancel but didn't want to waste her time so went ahead anyway... And do you know what? I'm so happy I did!! ... I came off that call feeling so much better, Heather set me some tasks to help with my situation and she is always there to answer any of my questions.. I'd would 110% recommend working with her. Once my situation changes I'll definitely want to invest and work with her more. Thank you so much for the genuine kindness, patience and care you showed me it was just what I needed.





Thank you, Heather, for your time earlier and for your listening ear and suggestions of potential strategies.I have made a start! 🙌 For anyone feeling stuck, wanting to sound out any challenges you face or to clarify and receive feedback on your thought processes, I would recommend Heather for coaching. Heather has a natural ability to make people feel at ease and with her likeable character and friendly approach it was so easy to feel comfortable talking. I felt like I had been friends with Heather all my life! 




Had a 1-2-1 call with Heather today, it was fantastic, really helpful and pushed me to think about things a lot more and to actually make my dreams a reality in between scrubbing the oven this afternoon #mumlife  I've been getting my dreams out of my head and down on paper. If you have a dream or a goal and you need a fresh set of eyes and ears, then get yourself booked in with Heather, I feel so empowered after just a 30 minute chat. My little notebook has been used so much today!!!Thank you so much for this morning Heather xx





Just had my discovery call with Heather. Felt like I've been in such a funk with everything especially business recently. For too long. Knowing Heather for a few years now I knew some time with her was what I needed, and oh my goodness was it ever. 30 minutes later I feel uplifted, positive and focused. I know I have a lot of work to do with my mindset but I'm finally on the right path with the right person and today, top of my gratitude list is Heather. Thank you 




Having a discovery call with Heather was a great start to my morning!After reading her recommended book and then getting some personalised context to it, everything is making more sense and I feel properly equipped to make the next step in my self development journey! Heather is super helpful, understanding, patient and down to earth!- There has never been a more exciting chapter in life than the there and now

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