Now is YOUR TIME to start living that life you dream about. 

The one you know could exist if you had the right tools, support and action steps! 



because you're gonna LOVE this!


  • Worrying what others think of YOU stops you doing things

  • Living your life pleasing other people 

  • Seeing others succeed whilst you feel stuck

  • Saying yes to others, compromising your own happiness 

  • Lacking in confidence

  • Being scared of failure

  • Not feeling good enough

  • Feeling stuck by a massive brick wall

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Feeling out of control

  • Going round and round in circles and not getting anywhere

  • The dis-empowering voice in your head telling you:-

    "you can't, you're not good enough, who will listen to you?"

As a result, they don't live the life they DREAM about!


Here are just some of the reasons, beliefs, (or excuses) most people (and many of my new clients) tell themselves as to WHY they can't live the life they REALLY want.


I bet at least one of these resonates with you...

  • I worry what others think of me

    What if I fail?

    What if they laugh?

    What if they think I'm stupid?

  • I don't feel good enough

    People won't listen to me

    I'm not good enough for that

    Why would they follow me?

  • People like me, don't do things like that

    I don't come from that sort of background

    No one in my family/town has ever done that, so I won't be able to either

  • I know I can do this, but something is stopping me

    I am sick and tired of chasing my tail

    I am sick of procrastinating

    I know what I need to do but I am just not doing it!

    I feel stuck, but I've been stuck for too long

    I just need some guidance

  • It's selfish to put myself first

    I'm a busy Mum, my children come first

    I work full time, I have a family and I don't have time for me

    I'll be ok, I'll just keep going

  • If I was more confident I would...

    ...achieve everything I wanted to

    ...step out of my comfort zone more HAPPY...

Yes! That's Me...

And I am READY to...

✨start living a HAPPY life
✨start believing in MYSELF
STOP worrying about what others think
get excited about MY future 
build MY confidence, self worth and self belief
✨have my own toolkit on hand whenever I need it
✨start to believe that "I can do this!"


With Heather's coaching, encouragement, support and accountability, PLUS an amazing group of other women who are READY too!


I'm Heather

I am Heather, an ambitious, inspired, competitive and driven woman, who has always been different, never really fit in and always dreamed of a life beyond the one she was living!


I am also Wife to Mark and Mummy to 2 boys under 7! So I totally get the reality of juggling work/business, your children, time for you and your Husband/Wife/Partner and making time for yourself!


I am a dreamer, a goal setter and goal getter and I help other women to remove their blocks, believe in themselves, start living their best version of themselves and be More Than Just Mum®!


But it hasn't always been this way. I used to be shy, with low confidence and self-esteem, little belief that I could really achieve the life I wanted and no real support close to home. I was different and no one "got me". That made me think I was strange for wanting more out of life!


At the age of 25 I was working as a Sports Development Officer, and sat at my desk dreaming of a life I didn't know even existed. Where I could be a great Mum and a Wife, work part time and flexibly around my children, and earn a great income. Giving us choices, and the world in our hands. At the time I was single, living with my ex and wasn't enjoying being micro-managed in my career. 


Just 2 weeks later I was introduced to the Network Marketing Industry and THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR ME!



I had the power already inside of me. 


I got to work! And my life started to change, bit by bit!


✅ I retired from the rat race at the age of 30
✅ I found my dream husband - 2 weeks after finding out about & practicing the Law of Attraction
✅ I became the full time Mummy & Wife I had dreamed about
✅ I was earning a full time income working part time
✅ I took my family on lots of holidays abroad


🤱🏽 My second child was born and I LOST MY IDENTITY 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦


Heather disappeared and I became Mummy 24/7 - this wasn't how I had planned it! I struggled along for 2.5 years, I had a business, a 3 year old, a new born and a very poorly husband who needed major surgery in December 2018. We were also planning our wedding and other SH*T happened too! It got to the point that I wanted to throw myself down the stairs just so I could go to hospital and have a few days rest to sleep, to have a hot cup of tea and just slow my thoughts down. 


In July 2020, I was so negative, and fed up of going round and round in bloody circles that I decided to get some help, from a Coach I found online. She was relatable, she was down to earth, "normal", a "bit like me" and didn't pre-judge. She was also a Mum and had also got to the point where she craved more.


That 12 week programme changed my life...


I was so scared, but also excited to make that first investment. Since then I've invested over £20,000 in myself, and my business! We are 1 year old on 25th September 2021! 


I am here to tell you-



I'm super excited to share this programme with you. Contained inside are the simple things I did to take me from having a really bad fixed mindset, feeling totally stuck and with no purpose, to launching my very own coaching business, changing my mindset, investing over £20,000 in myself in my first 11 months of business, BEING THE HAPPIEST I'VE EVER BEEN AND LIVING MY BEST LIFE... 


Just borrow my belief and let's work together to change your life


Heather xxx


I totally get where you are at...


    Yeah, I totally get this! I’m a Mum, Wife, Sister and Daughter and I am MY OWN PERSON too.


    Likewise you are playing so many different roles, and most likely spinning several plates too! So looking after our needs often comes last on the list - IF you even put yourself on there in the first place!


    If I was to ask you “who are the 3 most important people in your life right now?” 98% of people would answer my Husband, Wife, Children or Family, and they wouldn’t even be a consideration. We have been brought up with the belief that it is selfish to look after number one, and put ourselves first. 


    Sadly, most of the time it’s because we don’t feel worthy of allowing ourselves this time. We have so many things we could be doing - the ironing, washing or work! We feel "bad" for taking some much needed time out to just sit, pause, reflect and think! 


    Let me ask you this. 


    If someone you cared about came to you with your situation - what would you recommend they do?


    Tell them to carry on, continue and burn themselves out? Or take some time out for them? I already know the answer. So why don't we take our own advice?


    👉🏼Maybe you’ve started a business to work flexibly around your family, and have actually ended up glued to your phone 24/7

    👉🏼Maybe you’ve recently started a family and are so exhausted that you need to simply sleep

    👉🏼Maybe your children are a little bit older and you now have a bit more time for you - but you’ve forgotten who YOU are

    👉🏼Maybe you’re a single parent and when the children aren’t with you - you just feel lost and have no idea what to do

An EXCLUSIVE Group Coaching Programme all about YOU!

This incredible 12-week programme will help YOU uncover YOUR blocks, GROW your confidence, self worth, self belief 


UNLOCK YOUR potential!

*Places are limited!*


Be one of the first to know when doors re-open for January 2022

I am READY to...

✨start living a HAPPY life
✨start believing in MYSELF
STOP worrying about what others think
get excited about MY future 
build MY confidence, self worth and self belief
✨have my own toolkit on hand whenever I need it
✨start to believe that "I can do this!"


With Heather's coaching, encouragement, support and accountability, PLUS an amazing group of other women who are READY too!

Why did these Ladies book their place?

VIP Member 1

I’m very up and down with everything at the moment and apart from working, my business and  planning I don’t really have a life.  Several points on the zoom last night I was close to tears. Just feel like I’m ticking along and working through todo lists and I don’t even know what I do for me or what I enjoy anymore. Just want to get my mojo back xxx

VIP Member 2

After listening to you this evening, everything seems to be falling into place.  I need to focus more on building myself, my beliefs, my vision and really reach for my dreams. Hopefully being with likeminded ladies will give me the boost, not hopefully definitely. So excited for my next chapter xx

VIP Member 3

"It’s taken me a long while to realise that I don’t need to get over anything I need to get on with it showing up as me again. So thankyou for showing up and being you ❤️"

What we cover...

Here are some of the topics we will cover during the course of the programme. We will work through a number of different tools that can help you break down the blocks and barriers that you are currently facing, and that are stopping you moving forward.

  • Having a balanced life... You CAN have it all! A good work-life balance, a career you love AND be a great mum with time for you too. Using some simple tools we will take a look at your life now, and where we can make amendments to create a more balanced life

  • Removing blocks and limiting beliefs - So many of us have things that are holding us back, yet we've never really put 2 and 2 together... by recognising and removing these, we can then start to move forward.

  • Mindset - we will explore the different types of mindset and how they can affect your daily life. We will discuss how a fixed and a growth mindset can and does affect your everyday choices

  • The Law of Attraction and how you can use this every day - we will dig deeper and explore ways in which you can start to really attract the things into your life that you WANT! This is an amazing tool to have access to.

  • Building your self worth, love and confidence - It can be tough learning to love yourself, find your strengths and to focus on these. Especially if, like most people you have spent most of your life feeling unworthy, and just never enough. We will explore HOW you can start to appreciate YOU and start to like yourself, and over time LOVE yourself too.

  • Practical tools we can do to help us feel less guilty and more empowered - Working through some super simple tasks that make a massive difference to your mindset

  • Building your personalised toolkit - throughout the programme you will get the opportunity to create your own toolkit, so you can feel empowered when life starts getting too much instead of overwhelmed

Sophie Blackbourne

"It was a very safe space and I felt comfortable"

After taking part in several of Heather’s free challenges, when the opportunity came up to be a part of her group coaching academy I signed up straight away. It was incredible value for money and included 6 weeks of group sessions and a 60 minute 1-2-1. 
I loved the sessions, Heather delivered the information in an interactive way, asking questions as we went along and personalised the sessions to suit us. I found this very helpful because it helped me think about what I really want, what’s stopping me and how I can move forwards. It was a very safe space and I felt comfortable talking about all aspects of my life including finances. She creates workbooks and sets weekly tasks which always help me move forward and I love that she’s available through the week if I have any questions or need to check in. 
I learnt so much from the group coaching academy and I know I still have a lot of growing to do. I invested in the No Limits Membership which again has been incredibly helpful especially the Sunday planning sessions where we get together to share our weekly wins and plan our week. It’s by far the most productive I am all week! 
The only downside to the Group Coaching Academy was that 6 weeks wasn’t long enough. I think there is a lot more I can learn from Heather and I am very excited to be starting 1-2-1 coaching very soon. Watch this space!


Taking on board this feedback I have made it a 12 weeks - giving you DOUBLE THE VALUE


▶︎ YOU KNOW there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing


▶︎ YOU want to unlock YOUR potential


▶︎ YOU want to release any blocks that are holding you back


▶︎ YOU ARE READY to lift YOUR limiting beliefs


▶︎ YOU ARE READY to live YOUR best life






with the choices YOU make moving forward



Karen Hewitt

"I've been able to free myself from those ties"

I joined Heather’s group training program because I was feeling very unfocused & I really didn’t know what I wanted. I was plodding through life day to day with no real purpose & I was frustrated with myself.
Heather’s group programme allowed me to really work out what I wanted my future to look like & gave me the tools I need to achieve my goals. It gave me the space & freedom to think about me for a change rather than putting others first, ahead of myself.
I’ve also been able to take positive steps to address my personal blocks which have helped me massively to free myself from those ties & move forward with my life.
Thank you Heather x

Are you ready to discover your life:-

happy, balanced, and guilt free?

There isn’t a one size fits all, and this journey of self discovery will bring up different things for each of you.

And that’s really important to point out - this is a JOURNEY - it’s not a quick fix that will happen after 1 day or 1 hour.


It’s a process. 


💫And that’s where the magic happens.


✨You start looking at life differently
✨You start to notice things you haven’t before
✨You start to let go of things that no longer serve you 
✨You start to look after YOU
✨You look at yourself differently 
✨You start to see your self worth
✨You start to believe that YES! I HAVE GOT THIS!

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